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Mr. Brandon

Greetings! I am really curious about one thing, of course if that's not too much to ask could you please tell us the place where you spent your childhood?

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Even more so for My Mia as she starts school on Wednesday. Thank u x x x

Love Pete

I saw this on Music News about Peter: http://www.music-news.com/shownews.asp?H=Peter-Andre-to-host-Battersea-Dogs-and-Cats-Homes-celebrity-fundraiser&nItemID=45226 he is such a nice guy!

Lisa Marriott

Great meeting you in MK today Pete. My three girls loved meeting you. Ive just put the two little ones to bed with your story, they loved it. Even more so for My Mia as she starts school on Wednesday. Thank u x x x

Alison Hacker

The books look beautiful and lovely story lines with family and friends, fab drawings (I am an Applied Artist and Teacher). I still have my Ladybird books from childhood they are great and many more. Good luck and best wishes with the books I know they will do great. Hope to see you at the signing 2moro @ Meadowhall fingers crossed. Take care Ally :0)...x keep up the great work....


I grew-up with Ladybird Books where till today I am still collecting them and have my own blog on rare, vintage Ladybird books. I am glad that you are involved with Ladybird projects. It's a very good learning tool for children.
Try and visit my blog. Would love to receive any comments from you.

Julie Rushton

Can you still meet Peter and have your book signed if you don't have a wrist band ? or are they only letting 200 people with wrist bands meet him, as i will have to travel far and want to meet Peter, but cannot get to the venue until about 2 hours before the signing starts ?

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